This past weekend, Askanar Bae & Co. (that's Court, Meghan, and I) went on a road trip from Manhattan to The Poconos to take part in an immensely unique new concept, THE HOUSE OF CREATIVES - curated by the talented Seasick Mama, where individuals from all walks of life, from photographers, to designers, to musicians, to stylists, can come together to simply create & collaborate. 

During our 24-hour stay at the cabin, we managed to squeeze in two photo shoots for the Askanar Bae Fall '11 collection, which includes the signature intimate apparel of bras and knickers, and (my fave) a floor-length night gown.

It was a refreshing experience getting out of the city and straight into nature. The HoC is surely an innovative experience, and I hope that their idea manifests all over the world. We can all use a little getaway.

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