Dimples may be just wrinkles that appear on the cheekbones each time one smiles. But these wrinkles of lot of fortune have handled to confirm to be fortunate for many Bollywood divas even as others haven't handled to use them to their benefits.
In recent times, the power of dimples came to our observe when 'Chaar Din Ki Chandni' celebrity Kulraj Randhawa showed off them happily to increase their effect and her chirpy image in the film. Let's just say that her charming lady dents didn't after the luck of the movie.
Vidya Balan's dimples may not be as identified. But when you're the top celebrity in Bollywood with successive blockbusters to your credit score, who needs dimples?

Deepika Padukone's dimples have scarcely been the purpose for her success/ failing in Hindi movies. But if you take a close look, she does have an awesome set for herself.

Actress and model Amrita Puri's well-defined wavy dimples got her noticed in 'Aisha' but didn't offer her career that much-needed kick. Let's see if she can use them to her benefits in her future film 'Blood Money'.
Bipasha Basu's 'bong babe' image has a lot to do with her dimples. We might just credit her catty face and delightful functions. But the dimples do include that ultimate flourish.

Shamita Shetty's profession may have light away but there's just one element where she obtained superior than her effective sis Shilpa: her charming lady facial dents.

Manisha Koirala's sparkling dimples couldn't preserve her acting profession from sinking.
Prachi Desai has to be the newest entry of the list of lumpy ladies. Unluckily, her facial wrinkles were praised more than her performing abilities and she didn't manage to create a mark in Bollywood, despite being an aspect of two blockbusters- 'Rock On' and 'Once upon some time in Mumbai'.

Our very own Munni thrilled one and all with her sexy dimples and gained a very niche identify in Bollywood. But Malaika Arora Khan never handled to go beyond the item number to discover the celebrity in her.

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