Look around in any city, bar, or shopping mall, it has become clear that many men have not realized out how to put on a shirt correctly.

Listed below are easy Do's and Don'ts that will allow a man to be sure he is dressed properly, and with a little self-discipline and work, look excellent.


# Insert your shirt into your pants while wearing a sport coat or blazer

# Slim-fit shirts if you are thin, have the customize take sides in on loose shirts

# Insert your shirt in at all times, except the bottom hem is straight and smaller than your hip bone, as is the case with many informal shirts.

# Make sure your shirt material enhances your tie. Sea Island shirt cotton is very light and performs best with genuine soft silk ties. A herringbone shirt weave is a distinctive style and excellent design that works best with a thicker weaved soft silk tie. Pima cotton is very light and portable and therefore is associated by lightweight soft silk, cotton and linen ties.


# Wear a shirt deeper than your suit to work.

# Wear the wrong collar size. You will know you have chosen the right collar size while you can perfectly fit your index and middle fingers side by side between your neck and your collar.

# Clash your shirt and tie. Make sure that your shirt design is clearly different to that of your tie. A fine-stripe shirt looks excellent with a distinctive knit tie and a bold stripe shirt looks best with a dark colored tie. A check shirt looks excellent with a dark solid tie with a simple design.

# Ruin the look by wearing an unattractive collar. If you have a round face, wear a shirt with a point collar; if you have a narrow face, prefer a cutaway collar and if you have a long neck opt for a high-sitting collar.

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