We are always in for testing, breaking the boredom, going that one step further to look suspiciously fashionable.

If you are walking that mile in jeans, take a step back. We know you really like those jeans, we all do. But let us give that everlasting love some rest and discover Eco-friendly pastures, wider horizons, because the world of fashion is ever changing. So why should we remain behind? Let’s get rid of our jeans addiction and jump into other pants that are awesome, relaxed and smart. We provide you with some of the hottest solutions to jeans:

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The best swap of jeans in this hot, sizzling weather is linen pants. These cool white-colored pants that will hang efficiently from your waist are ideal for those mid-day trips. They do not stick to your skin, they avert sweat and are perfectly classy, and they are white! All vital adjectives your summer clothing collection wants.

Men in Shorts

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If you can wear jeans gently, why cannot you wear shorts casually? And we do not mean large, overlong, loose cargo-esque ones that you used during school tuition or sports practice. We mean smooth, knee length, smart shorts that you can pair with your crisp shirts and awesome t-shirts. Go crazy with shades this season – pastels or grays, block prints or strips, the options are endless.

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Think traditional appeal meets awesome guy from the community. That is what you get when you pair your comfy khakis with a button down shirt. Khakis are pants made out of 100% cotton, so be confident because summer season heat is no biggie for this one! Our preferred thing to pair khakis is with a jeans shirt and loafers. Always a hit!

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Made out of cotton and other synthetic blends, chinos are pants with a awesome quotient. Not the same as khakis, these pants are modern and have slim-cuts for that ideal fit. Get them in unusual shades or stick to natural shades, this pair of pants is sure to keep you awesome this season. And certainly lighter compared to those cleaned out jeans you have essentially cleaned out!

Men in Chinos

Dress Pants
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Finally, if you are headed for a official occasion, jeans is completely out of the question. If you still desire to look a tad less dressier, pair your pants with a checked shirt or a polo shirt and you are good to go.

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