Wearing Stilettos is like a bittersweet feeling. To a beholder, the heels look excruciatingly high and the footwear itself, painful. But only a wearer knows how sexy and confidant she looks in them. You have to agree, be it semi-formal skirts, semi-casual dresses or denims; high heel stilettos are what you need. Otherwise, your look seems incomplete. It is true that there are other high heel sandals as well to beautify your feet and legs; one gorgeous than the other.

However, they may or may not be suitable for all Occasions.But stilettos are as formal as they are casual. This is why you will see most celebrities wearing stylish And stunning pump shoes at formal events.

Usually found in a variety, ranging from leather and suede, most popular are the glossy, patent leather Stilettos, which are perfect for all semi-formal and formal occasions. Even if you pair them with a monochromatic shade, say little black dress or a midnight blue evening gown, wearing black Stilettos with ankle straps does the trick. 
That is how classy they are. Fashion experts believe that for a complete gorgeous look, you have to experiment with your looks. Those women, who feel inhibited by high heels, those women especially, need to get out of your comfort zones and go for this footwear.
Even though, Stilettos in any colour look splendid but most favored colours for Stilettos are just three; black, red and nude. They go with everything, from simple to highly detailed outfits. Shades like blue, yellow, pink and orange come next in line. Remember, when mentioned that contrasting Stilettos can invoke life into otherwise boring dress? However, when you plan out your whole outfit, see that your shoes and dress complement each other really well. 
Do not even think of pairing a black dress with yellow Stilettos because that would make you look like a bumble bee. You can pair a yellow dress with black Stilettos though, but accessorize accordingly to balance out the contrast. For instance, you can either wear a black colour belt around your waist or carry a small black clutch purse. But, most importantly, know what suits you; rest is easy.

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