Summer is the season of holidays where you can sport bare minimum outfits if you challenge to display it. But men will be men!
In the garb of relaxed wear and loose fittings, they leave a room full of errors. From baggy cargos to barely-covering-your-feet flip-flops, they do it all. Well, until today! With the help of this record, you now know what should not be worn this summer.

1) Sweat Pants
It’s wet, hangs low on hip and not to ignore, definitely hideous! You should not require more factors to keep away from this crime-to-mankind item of outfits. Sweet Trousers should totally be used while you are jogging or in the confines of your room or maybe when you scheme out of your home to the nearby shop in case of an urgent. As well, you can keep these pants in corner of your clothing collection. Try- pure cotton or linen dhoti pants. That resolves all your objective.

2) Sagging Capris
Remember cargo pants, with large pockets that bow at sides cause in the shorts to sag? Yes, that. Prevent them. They dip below your knees, are shapeless and can make you look unattractive. We don't care how hot it gets; they will definitely not make you any cooler.

Try- shorts that tapers linearly and end an inches above your knees. Use khaki or linen shorts with just enough number of pockets.

3) Flip-Flops
Let’s face it; flip-flop is beachwear. Strolling gently on roads, or in shopping centers or cinemas dressed in flip-flops will do you no excellent. It’s hardly there covering you and you will end up getting a tan. Furthermore, if you do not have a addiction of trimming your toe nails, it can also make for an unpleasant website. Preserve the misery!

Try- dressed in loafers instead. They are in pattern and look fashionable. Do not ignore to trim your nails as well!

4) Ill-Fitted Clothes
Unless you are a hip-hop specialist, dressed in loose clothes are a strict no-no! It looks poor and can get people to look you as the-one-who-wears-his-dad’s-clothes. Besides, it can drive the girls away too. Try a mix-and-matching different styles of different cuts. You’ll definitely be able to evaluate your body shape.

5) Body Odour
There is no bigger turn-off than a man who sweats like a pig and does nothing to keep that in examine. While sweating after a workout can be excellent, doing so at a romantic date or in the workplace, not so much!

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