2     BALANCE- although at times it may feel like your social life is a lost cause underneath all your design assignments, just remember it’s important to keep a balance between your social and work life.  Too much work and your left feeling depressed, lonely and tired. However not enough work will leave you partied out, unfocused and behind in your course work. So keep everything even and trust me your life will become a lot easier!

    HEALTH- probably being one of the most important factors in any life path; your health should always and must come first when partaking in a fashion course! Try and get as much rest as you can fit in and don’t forget to keep yourself in your best physical and mental condition through eating and exercising correctly or you won’t survive!

    COMFORT- When have to pull an all nighter to get a range or outfit made in your limited time frame, it okay to splurge on some hearty food for comfort! Although you may regret eating that whole block of chocolate in the morning, it’s a temporary stress relief from that race against the clock!

     RESPECT- respecting your peers and teachers will not only win you Miss Congeniality, but also show them how eager you are to learn and succeed in the fashion industry. It’s a good reflection of maturity and shows that you have a strong character.

     MONEY- Part time job, enough said!!

    STRESS- I personally find going to the gym in between classes allows my mind to breathe and refresh from the course. I also find watching a funny YouTube video can be just as effective!

    MANAGEMENT- set up a weekly or daily planner, to keep yourself organized and a step ahead of everything. Try not to procrastinate on Facebook and you won’t be drowning in work.

    APPEARANCE- you don’t always have to dress to impress, but I recommend dressing in clothes that make you feel confident within yourself so you feel like your ready to take on the day!

    PRIDE- The fashion industry is tough and you need a thick skin to get through some of the harsh criticism that you will face. However never be afraid to show pride in your work. Not only will it make people see your work  in a better light, but it will give you a high self esteem!

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