On my set of drawers I love having pretty scented candles lit as it adds a luminous glow to a dark room and keeps it smelling fresh! As a centrepiece I used a portrait of one of my favourite icons, Marilyn Monroe, to set the mood for my room and to be used as a focal point for my space.

 Fresh flowers from your garden or a store can brighten up any space as well as providing a fresh scent and natural feel. I love placing pink flowers in my room as it matches the decor and adds more colour to a neutrally based room!

 I love my perfume collection and the bottles are just to cute not to show off! I've placed the perfume under a silver tray that I found at a thrift shop, not only does this add an extra feature to the bottles but it also keeps them looking clean and organised. 

 On my bedside table I like to keep a soft scented candle and soft flowers to keep this space of my room nice and calm. I have place a photo of my younger self in an even frame, the photo colours match my rooms colour palette so it won't be confusing against the eye. 

 I like to have a well lit lamp next to my bed so it's easy for me to read at night. I got this lamp from target and i'm obsessed with the cut out floral design on the lamp shade, especially since it matches my bed spread! I got my bedspread from PB teen and I decided to go for a neutral colour so I could have multiple colours in my pillows. Personally I love lots of pillow on my bed as It makes my room feel very luxurious and girly. It also adds an interesting feature to my space.

 On the floor I like to keep a fluffy rug next to my bed as it adds more texture and dimension to a small space. I chose a dark neutral colour so it will be easy to maintain and won't be a distraction from the rest of the room. 

 I like to make my desk look fun, cute and overall more enjoyable to look at when i'm working or studying. It's a good idea to have a nice clean space when using your desk as it can help you stay focused for longer and not be as distracted from your set task. 

 On my top shelf I like to add statement pieces and accessories that reflect my style and that will add a pop of colour to the neutral desk. I've added vintage crystal perfume jars across the top shelf to give a glamourous 'shabby chic' feel. 

 On this side of the top shelf I have gone with a shell theme. I have decorated a glass jar, box and bra with shells that I collected a few summers ago. I think it creates a bit of a quirky look as well as a calming feature to my room. I mixed this theme up with candles and crystal perfume bottles. 

 Placing flowers in bowls of water can create an interesting and unique centrepiece, it also helps visually balance out the desk. 

I have balanced out my book shelf with matching the height on both sides and having a tall centre piece in the middle. I like placing my books in different directions to add some interest to this space. I like to store my electronics and personal items in cute patterned boxes to add another feature to my room. 

  On my little table I like to place my favourite items and accessories so they can be shown and used more frequently. I have placed the table on the diagonal to make my room not look so boxy. I have also added objects of different heights to create interest for this space. 


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