1. Olive oil can be used as a hair treatment! This is one of my favourite olive oil beauty tricks, and trust me it has helped restore my hair even at its worst condition. Olive oil adds tones of moisture into your hair follicles, creating shine, reducing frizziness, breakage and split ends. Simply put Extra Virgin olive oil throughout the ends of your hair and leave in for 20 minutes or overnight if you want a stronger treatment! 

2. Olive oil can exfoliate your body! Add olive oil, honey and whole lot of sugar together to make a paste, then scrub it onto your body for a moisturising exfoliate! 

3. Olive oil can strengthen your nails! When rubbing olive oils onto your nails and cuticles it will help stop your nails from breaking, becoming brittle, and give them a healthy smooth look! 

4. Olive oil can moisturise your skin and prevent wrinkles! Smooth some olive oil into your skin for a smooth, soft moisturiser effect. Olive oil is also perfect for softening those hard elbows and knees! Another great idea to keep your skin soft and wrinkle free is to take an olive oil bath. Simply add two cups of extra virgin olive oil into your bath water and your skin will be feeling soft for days! Sophia Loren famously takes olive oil baths and it shows through her gorgeous glowing skin!

5. Olive oil can be used as a makeup remover! The particles in olive oil are to big to sink into your pores so it won't cause any breakouts! Its great to use on your skin as it contains no harsh chemicals and is all natural!


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